Dunroy Restriction Summary

The following list is a general summary of some but not all restrictions for Dunroy on Rutledge. It is not meant as a substitute for the “Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Dunroy on Rutledge” and the reader is referred to the Master Document for any clarification and verification. The Master Document is available through the developer’s office.
The purpose of these restrictions is to provide for the preservation and enhancement of property values in Dunroy.


  • All lots are to be devoted to residential use. No buildings are allowed except for one single-family dwelling with attached or detached garage. No rental of less than the entire single-family dwelling for less than six months is permitted.
  • No lot may be subdivided. Where a residence has been erected on two or more lots, the lots will be considered thereafter for all purposes as one lot.
  • No lot will be used for dumping rubbish, grass clippings, leaves, trash, or garbage. No such material can be kept on any part of a lot except on a temporary basis and screened from public view.
  • No signs shall be displayed on any lot except for signs approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  • It is the responsibility of each lot owner to prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly, or unkempt condition on their property.
  • All construction, landscaping, or other work which has started on any lot must be continued with reasonable diligence to completion.
  • No vehicles may be parked overnight on any street within the property.
  • No vehicles that are not in a condition to be normally operated or that do not have a current registration tag may be stored on any lot for more than 30 days unless stored in an enclosed garage.
  • No recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, or campers may be stored on the property except in enclosed garages.
  • All vehicles must be parked so as not to impede traffic or damage vegetation.
  • The erection of buildings or exterior additions or alterations to any building on a lot as well as the erection of or changes or additions in fences, hedges, walls and other structures, any landscaping, or any cutting of trees on any lot shall not be commenced without approval of the Architectural Control Committee. The lot owner shall submit to the Architectural Control Committee a description of any proposed improvements, including any proposed changes to landscaping or exterior colors, materials, designs, or appearances.
  • The owner of any lot shall have the duty and responsibility to maintain their lot in compliance with the covenants, conditions, restrictions, and development standards contained in the Master Declaration.
  • No animals shall be kept or maintained in any home, except dogs, cats or other household pets provided that such pets are not being kept for commercial purposes. When any dog, cat or other household pet is allowed outside of any home, it shall be kept under control and on a leash while on any common area.
  • All mailboxes shall be obtained from the Association at the owner’s expense and no changes shall be made to their design or color.
  • We would ask that exterior antennas, aerials, satellite dishes, and other apparatus for reception of television, radio, satellite, or other signals of any kind be placed to the rear or in as inconspicuous location as possible. Antennas for transmission are prohibited unless completely contained within the home or approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Each homeowner shall provide sanitary containers for garbage and shall place such containers in the fenced enclosure adjacent to the home to shield such containers from visibility from common areas or other homes. Due to the presence of bears it is advisable not to store these outside.
  • No cutting, dumping, digging, filling, destruction or other waste can be committed on the common areas.
  • No obstruction or storage in the common areas is permitted.