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You can sign in with your user name or email address on file. If you have problems, please see the help section below.

Help Section

I forgot my user name

If you forgot your user name to sign in, you can try and sign in with your email address that you were registered with. Or you can contact us to look it up for you. Just send an e-mail to cmitch1749@aol.com and we will help you out.

If you were a ‘couple’ under one account, you can try your user name with the first inititial of your first name at the beginning of your user name. Example. You registered as a couple Robert and Betty Jones (with seperate email and phones numbers).  Your user name was jones. Robert would sign in rjones and Betty would sign in bjones.

This is so that we have a complete registery for everyone. 

If you registered as a couple under one email address and phone number, than your login would remian the same. 

If any information is incorrect, you can edit your profile here, once logged in.

I forgot my password.

You can reset your password to a new password by entering in your email address here. You will get an email to reset your password. 

If you do not get an email (give it a couple of minutes)

1. Check your spam or junk mail to see if it went there. Make sure you mark it as “This is not spam”

2. Contact tech support to help you. 

I'm not registered yet

The member’s section of Dunroy HOA is for residents only. If you are a resident and do not seem to have an account, you can register here.

All accounts have to be approved by an administrator before you can login. Once approved you will be able to access the member’s section.

How to Contact Tech Support

We try and make this an enjoyable experience for the residents of Dunroy, but we understand things can be confising sometimes. 

If you have problems, then tech support can help. Contact support here.

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